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What is Nidotickets.com?

Nidotickets.com is an online commercial center that associates purchasers and merchants of live occasion tickets. It is the mark retail site of ticket programming organization TicketNetwork, Inc., and is headquartered in South Windsor, CT.


Where do the tickets recorded on NidoTickets originate from?

NidoTickets's online trade works as a gigantic commercial center for tickets. vendors incorporate firms, film industry promoters, authorized ticket merchants, and people like you with tickets that they needn't bother with.


vendors utilize the NidoTickets online trade to list their additional stock. At the point when a client orders tickets on our site, the request is then filled by the ticket merchant who recorded them. In this way, while NT deals with the online trade on which the tickets are posted, we don't hold the genuine tickets.


Is my exchange safe?

When you shop at NidoTickets.com, you can be guaranteed that you are leading a sheltered exchange.

We have endeavored to go well beyond what is viewed as standard web security, to guarantee that our site and workplaces are PCI Compliant and McAfee Secure. Any inquiries you have about your request will be taken care of quickly and effectively by our expert client benefit group. Moreover, if there are any issues with a vendor satisfying your request, we ensure your buy 100%.*

*Visit our security page to peruse more about our protected site, and our 100% certification.


How might I get in touch with you?


The NidoTickets Customer Service focus is open seven days seven days, including occasions, from 7 a.m. - 1 a.m. EST!


In the event that you have any inquiries concerning a request you might want to make, or a current request, don't hesitate to reach us by telephone at 866-459-9233.






Do you give tickets to philanthropy or non-benefit associations?


NidoTickets is upbeat to help associations that work to enhance our networks! Rather than giving tickets to a particular occasion, we'll give a NidoTickets.com blessing authentication for a level dollar sum, which can be given away, unloaded, or generally utilized as a gathering pledges impetus for non-benefit associations. We bolster a wide range of associations running from growth look into establishments to creature asylums to network soup kitchens, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.


In the event that you run or know about an association that could profit by this sort of gift, it would be ideal if you call us at: 866-459-9233.. Tell us the name of your association, the reason it underpins, its site and how the gift will be utilized. We'll survey the demand and hit you up by means of call (all entries are liable to endorsement and we claim all authority to give a measure of our picking or to decline to give at our attentiveness).



Inquiries regarding Delivery


At the point when will my tickets ship, and how before long will they arrive?


Many ticket vendors make their tickets accessible to you before they have even been printed, which gives clients an edge on getting extraordinary seats ahead of time. Since this occasionally happens, tickets may not be "close by" at the season of procurement.


Merchant notes regularly show when a request will dispatch (at the most recent), so clients know when to expect their tickets. They may likewise take note of that tickets are "close by," which implies they can deliver quickly. After your tickets have dispatched, you will get a FedEx following number, so you may track your buy.


In any case, we ensure your tickets will touch base in time. View our 100% Guarantee for more points of interest.


How are my tickets delivered?


Tickets are delivered through FedEx. Delivery by means of FedEx is secure and alright for both ticket purchasers and vendors on our site. Dispatching through FedEx permits ticket vendors to guarantee that the tickets they offer have landed to the best possible beneficiary, and ticket purchasers can track the advancement of the bundle.


Will a mark be required for my ticket bundle?


Truly, by and large expect the dealers who list tickets on our trade to require a mark for ticket conveyance. This is to guarantee that the tickets are physically gotten by somebody as opposed to left out in the open. That being stated, the choice to require a mark relies upon the dealer transporting the tickets.


Obviously, if the mark prerequisite is dangerous, clients can contact their ticket vendor specifically to defer the mark necessity, else you could simply:


Get your tickets twilight at the nearby office said by FedEx on the conveyance entryway tag


Call FedEx and request that they keep the tickets at their neighborhood office so you can lift them up amid the day


Call FedEx and inquire as to whether they could convey tickets when it's more probable somebody will be there to get them


Leave a note for FedEx conveyance faculty to leave the tickets.


The occasion is soon and I require a ticket. What would i be able to do?


Many ticket dealers will convey tickets near the occasion by one of three strategies: will-call, neighborhood pickup, or email.


Will-consider implies that you will get the ticket at the setting film industry window.


Nearby pickup will necessitate that you get your tickets at an area up to 30 minutes from the setting.


Email implies that the merchant will email you the tickets previously the show


It would be ideal if you take note of that these conveyance strategies are at the carefulness of the merchant, so make certain to pick tickets where the posting particularly states one of these techniques, or contact the vendor in the wake of purchasing a ticket to affirm that you will have the capacity to get a ticket by will-call, nearby get, or email. Same-day arrange tickets are liable to the $15.00 Near-Term Delivery alternative.



Would i be able to ship to a P.O. Box?


Indeed, tickets can be transported to P.O. Boxes. Just un-check the crate beside "utilize my charging address as the transportation address" in checkout and enter your P.O. Box data.



Will tickets be dispatched to some place other than the charging address?


Truly, clients are permitted to enter an other transportation address for most requests set through NidoTickets. Nonetheless, there are sure limitations that depend on the ticket arrange add up to. Furthermore, dealers may ask for a marked approval from you in the event that they want evidence that you acknowledge the other delivery address.


The other delivery strategy is as per the following:


On the off chance that the request is under $750, the merchant is relied upon to dispatch the tickets to the other delivery address.


In the event that the request is somewhere in the range of $750 and $5000, the dealer can dismiss the ticket arrange because of the address issue or else acknowledge it and ship the tickets to the transportation address.


On the off chance that the request is $5000 or more noteworthy, no other transportation address is permitted.






Would i be able to change my transportation address in the wake of requesting?


Clients should contact their merchant straightforwardly with any delivery address changes after a request is put. Merchants are extremely security-cognizant about where they send tickets and will probably just change your conveyance data in the event that it is totally fundamental.


At the point when will I get my email tickets?


A few dealers may list their tickets as being accessible for email conveyance. Notwithstanding, this does not imply that your tickets will be messaged instantly. You will be told by email when your tickets are accessible for downloading and printing.


Will I get my "Moment" tickets when I put in my ticket request?


Much of the time, e-tickets set apart as "Moment" will be accessible for you to download and print close to putting in your request. Be that as it may, keeping in mind the end goal to secure against deceitful buys, a few requests may require extra handling time. In the event that this applies to your request, it will be noted in your request affirmation email, and your e-tickets will more often than not be accessible for you to download inside one (1) business day.


Imagine a scenario where something occurs with my request. Is there a buy ensure?


We need to ensure that ticket merchants give clients the tickets they were guaranteed. So as to ensure you, NidoTickets offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee if:


Your request is acknowledged by, yet not conveyed by the dealer


Your request is acknowledged by, yet delivered past the point of no return by the vendor for the tickets to touch base in time for the occasion


You were prevented passage in light of the fact that from claiming the tickets or invalid tickets were given by the vendor. Evident evidence must be given by the scene in composed letter design. Composed or stamped "voids" don't constitute certain evidence.


Your occasion is dropped altogether with no rescheduled date. 100% discount for a dropped occasion avoids shipping.


For what reason was my request rejected?


Because of the idea of our trade, there is typically some slack time between when tickets are obtained and when the ticket postings are refreshed. As tickets are sold, vendors should physically refresh their postings. This implies your tickets may have been requested by another client before you had the opportunity to present yours.


This is an uncommon event, however in the event that it should transpire, if you don't mind get in touch with us at 866-459-9233 and our client benefit agents would be cheerful to enable you to locate a comparative seat or a seat at a comparative cost.


Would i be able to join shipping?


Like other extensive internet shopping substances, (for example, Amazon), the stock in our trade originates from a wide range of merchants. Consequently, we can't ensure joined dispatching.


Nonetheless, for the situation that a few or the majority of your tickets are from a similar merchant, you may get in touch with them after your request is affirmed to ask for that the delivery be consolidated. This administration is at the carefulness of the merchant.


Would i be able to buy tickets as a present for another person?


Truly! Occasion tickets make extraordinary blessings. Despite the fact that tickets may not send quickly after you buy them, we ensure they'll touch base in time for the occasion. In case you're acquiring tickets as a blessing, you can go to our blessing note page and print out a tweaked message for your blessing beneficiary.



Inquiries regarding Ticket Listings


Will my seats be as one?


Tickets are ensured to be as one, except if the vendor's notes say something else. On the off chance that tickets are recorded in a general classification, zone, area, or line, we ensure that they will be as one. Cases of these sorts of notes are: "Zone An," "Area 200," "Column 102," and so forth.


In any case, once in a while the notes say something like "Segment 2, pushes A-Z" or "Area 2, Rows An and B, piggybacked" which tells you that the seats may not be as one. In the event that they are "piggybacked," it implies one seat is before the other, however in 2 isolate columns.



How would I discover the tickets I'm searching for?


You may utilize our straightforward inquiry bar at the highest point of the page to look by Artist, Venue, Team, City, or State. To complete a further developed inquiry, visit our landing page. On the landing page you may seek by Zip Code, State, City, Date Range, and Category.


On the indexed lists page, there are channels in the left sidebar to enable you to limit the determination significantly further. In the event that you need to see tickets in specific classes, on particular long stretches of the week, time of day, or area, you may channel your outcomes by tapping the check box alongside the different alternatives.


When you have discovered the occasion you need, tap the "View Tickets" catch to perceive what gatherings of tickets are accessible. Choices of tickets, with amounts and cost per ticket will be appeared in a table on the left-hand side of the page. On the correct will be the scene outline. A portion of our maps are just pictures, some are intuitive, and some even have pictures from the seats to the stage, all to enable you to discover what you're searching for.


When you pick your tickets, tap the "Purchase" catch, and continue to checkout. In the event that you ever have any inquiries concerning finding or purchasing tickets on our site, you may get in touch with us whenever by telephone at 866-459-9233.


For what reason wouldn't i be able to buy a specific amount of tickets?


Dealers want to list tickets at any rate in sets in order to build the possibility that they'll have the capacity to offer every one of the tickets in a posting. Excitement occasions are social events that individuals typically go to with companions or family. Single tickets are difficult to offer thus merchants endeavor to abstain from being screwed over thanks to them by purchasing and offering tickets in bigger amounts.


For what reason aren't situate numbers recorded for the tickets?


Ticket dealers don't list situate numbers to avert twofold reserving tickets. Since exchanges on NidoTickets.com occur progressively, it is feasible for an arrangement of tickets to be bought at precisely the same by two unique people. So as to keep this disarray, ticket merchants rather list general columns and areas. They regularly have a few gatherings of tickets, so if numerous requests come in, they can effectively fill them (without anybody getting agitated or frustrated).


An occasion I need to go to doesn't have any accessible tickets. What would i be able to do?


While looking for a craftsman, show, or group that does not have any tickets accessible, you will be given a chance to agree to accept our email alarms. Basically give your first name, email address, zip/postal code, and nation, and tap the "Sign me up" catch. When tickets are added to our trade for the craftsman, show, or group, you'll be sent an email demonstrating that tickets are accessible for procurement.


On the off chance that an entertainer, show, or group does not have any tickets accessible for a particular up and coming occasion, just tap on the "Alarm Me" catch on the correct side of the postings. In the fly up, enter your email address and tap the "Alarm Me" catch to send the data. You will be advised once tickets end up accessible for procurement.


How would I utilize the intelligent maps?


Intuitive maps can be inconceivably helpful apparatuses for finding the tickets you need. We need to make the intuitive maps straightforward and utilize. Here are a couple of tips:


Tap on a shaded segment to get a fly up bubble demonstrating what number of tickets are recorded in the segment and a scope of costs. Clicking a segment will likewise channel the ticket list on the left side with the goal that lone tickets in that area are appearing. You can tap on in excess of one area to add more tickets to the rundown. Snap a segment again expel its tickets from the rundown.


Utilize the in addition to and less (+, - ) catches, or your mouse's parchment wheel, to zoom the guide in to see areas in more prominent detail. Utilize the directional catches or drag the guide to uncover concealed areas.


Some intuitive maps incorporate an element that gives you a thought of the view from each area. In the event that this element is empowered, a photograph of the inexact view will show beside the guide when you click an area. To see the view from an alternate segment, basically tap on the segment on the guide.


To feature an area on the guide, move the mouse over the passages in the ticket list.


On the off chance that an occasion has see from-situate photographs, just tap the ticket list passage to see the picture.


What is Zone Seating?


Zone seating is an ongoing presentation in the auxiliary ticket showcase that obtains stimulation patterns from Europe. The seating itself includes scenes being geologically differentiated into different pieces as per some visual model. The lumps concerned are frequently named "Zones" and haphazardly drawn and set apart with differing inventiveness. (Zones could be named as A, B, C or GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE or any such arrangement of classification.)


Occasion goers are then offered choices to buy seats construct exclusively with respect to their Zone area. A few dealers will indicate seating area in more prominent detail in their ticket notes.



Inquiries regarding Tickets


For what reason is there another person's name on my ticket?


The name on a client's ticket will be the name of the first buyer. Thus, your name won't be on the ticket acquired through NidoTickets. In any case, it would be ideal if you take note of that the name on the tickets won't influence your capacity to get to the occasion. The most imperative viewpoint is that the standardized tag on the tickets examines when entering the occasion.


What happens if my tickets are lost or stolen?


Tickets are by and large stand-out, basic things that would seldom be able to be re-gotten to or re-printed. The motivation behind such limitations is to counteract ticketing misrepresentation by means of different printings of a similar ticket. In any case, clients should contact their vendor to check whether it is conceivable to re-get to lost tickets.


What is an E-Ticket?


Electronic tickets, or e-tickets, are conveyed to you electronically through My Ticket Tracker. You should download and print your e-tickets, which will have a standardized tag and will be legitimate for passage into the occasion.


A few things to think about your e-tickets:


At the point when your e-tickets are prepared to download, you will get an email with guidelines for getting to your e-tickets through our protected site, MyTicketTracker.


For your security, MyTicketTracker expects you to sign in with arrange particular points of interest, including a one of a kind request PIN that will be incorporated into your download direction email.


Some e-tickets may not be accessible for download quickly, but rather are ensured to be perused in time for your occasion.



What is My Ticket Tracker, and how would I utilize it?


MyTicketTracker is a protected stage where you can see insights about your ticket arranges and download any e-tickets you may have acquired.


To download e-tickets from MyTicketTracker:


Go to MyTicketTracker.com, and enter your email address and novel request PIN to sign in. You'll discover your PIN in the request receipt you got by means of email.


Subsequent to signing in, you'll see buy points of interest for your request, alongside a connection to download your tickets. This connection is situated alongside the "Conveyance Method" area of your buy points of interest and will state "Download Tickets."


For security purposes, you at that point will be requested to affirm that you consent to the MyTicketTracker Terms and Conditions. To continue with your download, select "Yes" to affirm your ascension and snap "Proceed."


You would now be able to download your e-tickets! You'll see the message "Snap here to view and print your tickets." Just tap the words "Snap here," which will be a blue connection.


You'll see a fly up window that enables you to either open or spare the e-ticket record. You should open the document. Adobe Acrobat Reader will naturally open with the e-tickets. Inside Adobe Acrobat Reader, there will be one page for each ticket. (i.e. In the event that you purchased four tickets and downloaded one document, the Adobe record will be four pages in length. In the event that you purchased four tickets and downloaded four Adobe records, there will be one page for each document.)


You should then print your tickets and take them to the occasion.


In the event that the tickets are downloaded and the document is clear, you should refresh your adaptation of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free and generally utilized program for opening the kind of report used to convey the tickets. Snap here to download the most recent rendition.



What is a Paperless Ticket?


Paperless tickets aren't care for customary paper tickets, and they don't include having a physical ticket close by. Rather, these tickets require the ticket dealer to go with you to the setting's film industry. Our ticket postings will demonstrate which tickets are paperless with notes, for example, "I will go to the occasion, and will go with you to the movies at the scene."


What is a Flash Ticket?


Streak tickets are another development utilized for ticket conveyance by occasion promoters. Clients with "streak" tickets get to their tickets by swiping a charge card (the one utilized for the first ticket buy) at a scene stand. This stand will then print out a ticket receipt that the occasion goer can present to setting work force as a way to pick up passage to the occasion.


Ticket merchants ordinarily mastermind streak ticketing via mailing clients a gift voucher that was utilized by the vendor at first to buy the tickets. This card would contain the underlying buy data for the request and would create a feasible receipt. (Client should contact their merchant specifically with any extra inquiries regarding streak ticketing.)



Inquiries concerning Prices and Fees


For what reason is the cost on my tickets not the same as what I paid?


Like Amazon, NidoTickets is a monstrous online trade, where ticket merchants can list their stock. Along these lines, we don't charge your Visa, possess, cost, or ship the tickets recorded on our site. Those parts of your exchange are dealt with by the individual merchants posting their tickets on our trade. NidoTickets motivation is basically to interface ticket purchasers with a considerable measure of ticket choices.


As a rule, merchants choose to exchange their tickets at a value that mirrors the market, and costs frequently rise and fall with free market activity. The outcome is that tickets on our site are regularly sold either above or underneath confront esteem.


Notwithstanding the market esteem fluctuating, vendors regularly have countless to cover so as to get their hands on extraordinary seats. vendors regularly should pay confront esteem, in addition to charges (or participation expenses to unique clubs), and here and there they remain in line for quite a long time to get the best seats accessible. By increasing the tickets, ticket merchants make a little benefit. The advantage for ticket purchasers is they don't need to hold up in line, on their PCs, or on the telephone for a considerable length of time a long time ahead of time of an occasion to get a decent seat. Rather, clients can discover extraordinary seats even a long time before from an occasion.


Do I need to pay deals impose?


Expenses on tickets really differ generously from state-to-state and even between areas in different states - a regularly evolving circumstance. This implies neighborhood as well as state charges are not ascertained on our checkout page amid the buy procedure. (Ticketing charges depend on the area of the ticket vendor providing a request and most common in Texas, Chicago, California, Michigan and Canada.


For what reason would i say i was charged quickly for my ticket buy?


The vendors who list tickets with us generally charge clients consequently when a request is put in order to hold your place in line for tickets (since dealers regularly get various requests at the same time). On that note, ticketing is a dynamic business (costs rising and falling constantly) so it's critical to guarantee your ticket ahead of schedule at the value set at the season of the buy.



Inquiries regarding Other Issues


Consider the possibility that the occasion is dropped?


On the off chance that an occasion gets forever dropped, you are qualified for a 100% discount.


If you don't mind take note of that the discount constitutes the value you paid for the tickets, and does exclude shipping costs that you may have acquired as a feature of the buy procedure. For more subtle elements, it would be ideal if you allude to the NidoTickets Terms and Policies for the buy understanding.


Would i be able to drop a request after it is put?


When in doubt, all deals on NidoTickets.com are last. If you don't mind be certain beyond a shadow of a doubt you need to buy the tickets previously requesting.


How might I offer additional tickets that I claim through your site?


If it's not too much trouble visit our ticket pitching page to agree to accept a record and begin offering your tickets. You can discover extra help here: Learn more about offering your tickets.



Inquiries from International Customers


How would I get to US occasion tickets in case I'm a worldwide client?


There are three primary approaches to get to occasion tickets for US-based occasions in case you're a global client:


Request tickets and information a US-based transporting address: You should utilize this choice if the occasion is more close term in nature and you could possibly have the tickets sent to a companion's home in the US or even an inn.


Request tickets set apart as being accessible for will call, email, nearby pickup (and so forth): Tickets are just accessible utilizing one of the above strategies if that technique is particularly publicized on the posting notes and additionally amid checkout.


Request tickets and information your street number for shipment: You should utilize this alternative if the occasion is a while away and subsequently prone to transport before your movements. If you don't mind take note of that you can simply contact your ticket provider straightforwardly to give a substitute (US-based) address (if necessary).


Are ticket orders charged in US dollars?


Ticket orders put through NidoTickets are charged in US dollars. It would be ideal if you take note of that trade charges (if pertinent) for non-US clients may apply to ticket orders set through NidoTickets.


For what reason is there a global transportation charge for my request?


Conveyance charges for NidoTickets clients depend on the area of the ticket merchant versus the area of the end client (the occasion area is unimportant). Canadian clients with Canadian occasions through US vendors will in this manner have International Express charges. US clients with US occasions through Canadian vendors will likewise have International Express charges. A global conveyance charge in this manner implies that the dealer providing your request isn't situated in your nation of origin and along these lines must ship universally.


I'm not from the U.S. Would i be able to offer tickets through your site?


Shockingly, we right now just permit U.S. construct vendors to pitch tickets with respect to NidoTickets.

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